Never Forget

Submission by Austin C.             

In today’s society there is constantly a battle between ourselves and others. I have always been told that my biggest critic is myself and that I’ll never go anywhere without the courage in myself. But today I have the courage and I will never forget it. Courage, self-esteem and pride it is not only in your heart but it’s in your pocket and in sewn into your favorite jacket. These emotions and feelings are things that can be a present for ourselves. Take pride in who you are, because there is not a single person out there that is like you. There is no one with the same name, the same address, the same parents and the same hobbies. You are a single individual that is completely and ultimately a unique piece in society. Never forget that.

You are not another note in the symphony but the conductor. Love yourself entirely because there is only one of you.

Never forget that.