Welcome to Evergreen Bloggers

Dear Readers, 

Let me first introduce myself and tell you a little bit about why I have decided to start a blog focused on sex, dating, and healthy relationships. My name is Chandler Lewis and I am the Executive Director and Founder of The Evergreen Project, a non-profit organization whose focus is to raise awareness and support those affected by domestic/intimate partner/relationship violence in the Seattle Area. I recently graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in Political Science. Currently, I serve as the Tennis Director for the company TGA of North Seattle who specialize in 10 and Under Junior tennis and golf instruction.  

The goal of this blog is to have healthy conversations about sex, dating, and relationships by having both myself and others contribute to it so that it becomes a community of people speaking from their perspective. At The Evergreen Project, we are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, so please do your best to respect the writings and opinions of all the authors who contribute to this blog. Personally, I believe that through discussing often taboo topics about sex, dating, and relationships, we can come together and create a community of people who are truly passionate about being a catalyst of positive change in our community to end violence once person at a time. 

The Evergreen Project welcomes submissions to this blog that are appropriate for all ages of readers and are focused on the three topics previously mentioned. We also welcome survivors of violence to share their stories with us. If you are interested in writing a piece for The Evergreen Project, please email chandlerlewis9331@me.com with your piece. Please limit submissions to 800 words. We look forward to the start of this new addition to our website and hope that everyone will be able to take something important and meaningful away from each of the submissions. 



Chandler J. Lewis
Executive Director
The Evergreen Project